Display Effectiveness

Beyond Merchandising 101 - Consumer perception is everything to a retailer, and can be shaped significantly at the product display level. It’s basic merchandising to create impactful product displays and assortments that can influence a consumer’s decision to buy. Retailers have only seconds to capture a customer’s attention, convey an important message and convince them to buy. Retailers must manage promotions, set displays in a timely manner, keep all displays well stocked, and adjust programs to local shopper preferences. To that end, store execution must go beyond basic merchandising and excel at execution to bolster the best results. Retailers who have mastered display effectiveness can monitor customer behavior daily to determine if a) advertising drove traffic, b) product offers or assortments were on target and c) store execution was on point – to increase conversion rates (traffic-to-sales ratio) and grow sales.

Store Intelligence. Retail Excellence.