Our Brands

Tyco Retail Solution’s portfolio of trusted brands deliver integrated value-based store performance and security solutions that reach across a broad array of mission-critical retail operations to capture, interpret, report and intelligently respond to real-time operational data from stores, employees, inventory and shoppers. We have achieved a global presence by focusing on seamless hardware and software installation, monitoring services and other loss prevention offerings for a wide array of retailers.

Loss Prevention and Store Performance solutions drive retail excellence

Take charge of your retail environment with Sensormatic Loss Prevention (LP) and Store Performance solutions. Today over 80 percent of the world’s top 200 retailers use Tyco Retail Solutions’ Sensormatic brand Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS), source tagging, traffic counting and inventory intelligence solutions to reduce loss, improve store operations and enhance the shopper experience.

Tyco Retail Solutions provides you with genuine Sensormatic brand Loss Prevention and Store Performance solutions featuring components that work uniquely together to provide optimal merchandise protection, drive down shrink and preserve your bottom-line profits. Our systems are built on high performance acousto-magnetic (AM) technology, one of the most reliable anti-shoplifting technologies in the retail industry. Our advanced detection technology protects wider exits, identifies EAS jammers and booster bags and maximizes performance in high noise environments with virtually no false alarms. You can count on our EAS systems as a strong visual deterrent for potential shoplifters, as well as helping to prevent organized crime.

Traditionally focused on loss prevention, our next-generation AM/Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) hardware solutions are designed to provide you with significant operational improvements. With the dual AM/RFID solution, you gain proven performance AM shrink deterrence and control combined with RFID to effectively address your daily challenges related to inventory accuracy, out-of-stocks, item location, internal shrink, vendor fraud and much more. Dual AM/RFID hardware solutions offer item-level inventory visibility and security to optimize product availability and improve existing store operations.

You can extend the value of EAS beyond loss prevention with Sensormatic Traffic hardware solutions, essential to capturing shopper traffic and estimating the sales opportunities that enter a retail store. Equally important is revealing the store’s ability to convert shoppers into customers. Traffic sensors provide you with an arsenal of real-time metrics such as conversion rates (percentage of visitors who take the desired action to purchase), in addition to labor effectiveness, shopper paths, promotions execution and display interactions. Sensormatic Traffic hardware solutions are a vital part of maximizing a store’s performance and increasing profits.


Retail performance and security solutions put you in control

Deliver maximum value to your retail environment with TrueVUE Inventory Intelligence and Traffic Intelligence platforms from Tyco Retail Solutions. TrueVUE’s Inventory Intelligence platform allows you to accurately track inventory with solutions for Inventory Visibility, Dual Technology Tagging (Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)/Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), and Inventory Execution and Analytics. With a unified RFID infrastructure, you can manage store operations and drive value effectively from intelligence collected at dock doors, portals, Point-of-Sale (POS), mobile devices, smart surfaces and smart shelves.

TrueVUE Traffic Intelligence platform provides you with Traffic Reporting to gain a better understanding of retail traffic, so you can improve conversion rates, staffing levels, promotions and the overall customer experience. Capturing and measuring customer traffic can help you find ways to increase customer satisfaction and maximize profits.

Coupled with Tyco Retail Solutions’ Sensormatic Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) technology, our TrueVUE platform is designed to provide you with an enterprise-wide view of real-time inventory availability, unit sales, loss prevention activity, shopper traffic patterns, and much more. To effectively manage EAS technology, TrueVUE EAS Intelligence provides accurate data relevant to the EAS system’s performance to ensure optimum performance.

TrueVUE Enterprise Manager gives you visibility of all connected devices within a store environment from a centralized location. From the enterprise overview, you can drill down into a single store to pull up individual devices and check their current health and event log, allowing managers to easily locate devices that might be off-line or are experiencing intermittent connectivity issues.

TrueVUE Store Performance Reports leverage actionable intelligence gathered from all connected devices within the store and deliver data over a secure network to a central database that can be viewed through a single user interface. Information is readily available about store performance and the retail environment at the store or summarized information for the regional or corporate level.


Managed, professional, and support services are always available

Tyco Retail Solutions backs its Store Performance solutions with comprehensive support, including:

  • Device-level installation and maintenance through experienced retail service professionals, featuring on-site and remote management and diagnostic services to help retailers manage thousands of devices chain-wide
  • Solution-level professional services including business case and Return on Investment (ROI) analysis, solution design, use case development, and a range of support, implementation and training services

Tyco Retail Solutions’ Sensormatic and TrueVUE brands of solutions are sold direct, and through ADT, Tyco Integrated Security and authorized business partners around the world. From single-store boutiques to global retail enterprises, our solutions provide increased visibility into critical areas so you can enhance store performance and drive retail excellence.

Store Intelligence. Retail Excellence.