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If you’ve been in retail long enough then chances are you’ve heard about loss prevention methods such as EAS, tags and the like. You might feel, however, that EAS resources are scarce and finding out more might mean contacting a supplier that will try and talk you into purchasing one of their systems. EAS information shouldn’t be dependent on a purchase.

Here at Tyco Retail Solutions we believe that providing EAS resources is a key step in enabling customers to make an informed choice. We provide the information you’ll need to select the systems and products best suited to your retail environment. With technological updates, latest in retail trends and case studies from leading retail experts, you’ll be better placed to keep ahead of your competitors and better serve your customers.

If you’d like to speak with a member of our team, then feel free to call us on 0800 SENSOR (736767) for more EAS information o Sensormatic systems.

Five Faces OmniMirror Introduction 
November 2012- 1.48minutes
OmniMirror is ADT Security's latest retail product that lets customers connect to their social media.

Super Hi-Tech Surveillance
June 2012- 4.52minutes
Here, ADT Security’s National retail Manager, Phil Brown talks about some of the newer technologies to help retailers combat thieves whilst still allowing the customer the ability to touch, feel and interact with products before purchase.

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