Managed Services

Managing To Win — Increasingly retailers large and small are looking at how they can best utilize their resources to increase business performance and profitability. Managed Services from Tyco Retail Solutions gives you the ability to focus your resources on growing your business while our dedicated, global team of experts provides you a convenient and cost-efficient alternative to supporting the day-to-day management of your store systems, solutions or processes. Our Managed Services specialize in outsourcing and streamlining timely processes from the stores, providing much-needed support for organizations struggling with retail bandwidth. Our broad portfolio of services includes system monitoring and analytics, plan-o-gram planning and implementation and source tagging (hard tag) pick-up and delivery. As an industry-leading retail performance and security solutions provider, Tyco Retail Solutions offers these services worldwide in more than 70 countries. With our expertise, proven solutions and vast service offerings, you have the added advantage to gain momentum and achieve success.

Performance of a Lifetime

Our Managed Services provide vital support in an otherwise task-driven retail environment. We offer a menu of services that enables you – from the store floor back through the supply chain – to focus on what’s most important…satisfying the customer and driving retail sales.

Service Components:

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Source Tagging systems offer timely data to optimize the system’s performance. Proactive or reactive notifications and management escalations can be provided in response to tampering or improperly functioning systems.

Source Tag Recirculation

Currently embraced by eight top global apparel retailers, Tyco Retail Solutions’ Source Tagging Recirculation program is based on over 45 years of EAS excellence. You can buy only the tags you need and receive credits promptly when the tags are returned for recirculation —Tyco bears all the hard tag inventory risk. In addition, tagging costs can be built into the garment, not buried in store payroll. With the source tagging recirculation program, merchandise arrives ready to sell -- accelerating both sales and inventory turns. The program is designed to help you lay the foundation for RFID tagging, improve profits, as well as supply chain and selling floor efficiency.

Store Intelligence. Retail Excellence.