Display Products

Fully customised retail intelligence and security solutions to meet your needs and resources

In today’s challenging economic climate, retailers need to take action to better understand consumer behaviour, as well as implement the strategies required to maximise marketing spend and overall business performance.

Tyco Retail Solutions offer a range of innovative solutions that are helping retailers to enhance in-store customer experience, harness the power and reach of social media, and create ongoing brand loyalty.


OmniMirror is a unique in-store display system that features a digital mirror and interactive touch screen. With the ability to capture images, display promotional videos and encourage loyalty program uptake, OmniMirror is revolutionising the way retailers engage their customers and maximise crosschannel marketing opportunities.

Duonell Interactive Display Unit

The Duonell Interactive Display Unit is an in-store kiosk designed to reduce customer waiting times and encourage product interaction. Offering built-in security features, plus the ability to display up-sell promotions and product information, the unit enables your customers to touch and test ‘live’ products such as cameras, mobile phones, tablets or GPS devices.

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