Opening a new store?

Security is too often an afterthought when retailers fit-out a new store. With the trend towards open-plan, minimalist design, many want to install a concealed EAS system, where sensors are hidden under the floors or inside the walls. While this is a highly attractive solution as it does away with obtrusive pedestals at a store’s entrance, the system can’t always be completely concealed if the shop fit out has already been completed.  

Cost could be another issue, so to save money and minimise hassle it’s important to incorporate security requirements into the planning stage of prior to your store opening. 

Another common mistake is that few retailers go to the effort to regularly train their staff in the use of the security system. In too many instances an EAS system may correctly activate but staff members then allow the suspect to proceed on their way, often without a rudimentary check. Likewise, many retailers collect huge amounts of video surveillance footage but don’t know what to do with it. 

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