Retail Store Intelligence

Retail security solutions already include measures to analyse what stock is stolen, from what areas of the store and at what time of the day or night, amongst other factors. They are a crucial element in any loss prevention campaign and can help plan future retail security services. They are precisely adapted to preventing, deterring and planning for theft in a retail environment.

Retail security solutions can include systems to gather data that will determine what direction shoppers will approach a shelf from, how long it takes the customer to pick up their first product, what the order of selection is and what the most and least popular areas on the shelf are. This is all done with advanced camera recognition that uses facial detection, tracking technology and sensors; the privacy of the customer is respected and no footage is recorded – it’s all done in real time.

Store performance analytics will help retailers better plan not only their loss prevention campaigns, but their customer service campaigns. Speak with Tyco Retail Solutions today to begin minimising stock loss and maximising profitability.

Store Performance Analytics

More retailers are turning to store analytics software for advanced customer counting and customer behaviour tracking technologies to learn what works best to attract, engage and convert their target customers. To meet this need, ADT has a range of  fully customised retail intelligence and security for retailers of all sizes.

Duonell Interactive Display

The Duonell Interactive Display Unit is the perfect retail security device allowing products such as cameras, phones and tablets to be displayed securely without impacting on customer experience.

Store Intelligence. Retail Excellence.